About us

Max Porte, your doorway to new ideas.

Max Porte is a dynamic firm, specialised in the production of interior hollow core and solid wood doors which can add character to any room. Each one is a doorway to a new idea, with a unique style which creates perfect harmony with any type of home or furniture.
The business has been passed down from father to son, thus extending a wealth of fundamental knowledge in order to offer the best in innovation and materials: this is why our production is consistently in line with the latest trends in design, quality and environmental protection.
Our interior hollow core and solid wood doors are available at all major retailers who, like us, have based their business on quality, professionalism and attention to details.
A MAX PORTE door is a combination of technological progress and excellent craftsmanship, always keeping up with the times.

What we believe in

Design is a priority

Doors that become genuine pieces of furniture thanks to original and artistic finishes, textures and panes of glass: your doorway to new ideas!

A love of nature

Max Porte loves nature: this is why all materials and procedures are designed to safeguard the environment.

Harmony in your home

A whole array of colours to blend any door with the style of your home: from cherry to oak and walnut, a range of shades which give a unique touch to any room.

Quality Guaranteed

15,000 doors a year and a production site covering 5,000 m2: Max Porte follows its products from the design stage to manufacture in order to guarantee maximum quality.

Our colours


old oak

blonde tanganika


black oak

bay oak

raw cherry

white matrix


black walnut

oregon pine

fog oak

grey oak

white rosewood